You may have begun to notice uneven cracks in the concrete’s surface of your commercial business or home’s basement or garage. Uneven concrete floors are not only visually unappealing but can negatively affect your flooring underlayment. The solution is self leveling concrete to even out the flooring. The concrete floor may have become uneven and cracked over time if it wasn’t initially installed by professional installers.

Whether you’re looking to refinish or completely replace your concrete floor, a floor levelling concrete compound is a necessity. Here’s everything you need to know about self leveling concrete and how to lay it.

Mark the High and Low Points of the Concrete

Before you get started on laying the concrete, use chalk to mark the high and low areas and any bumps or dips on the concrete. Afterward, use a level to sweep over the surface for any depressions within the concrete.

How To Lay Self-Levelling Concrete:

    • 1. Clean The Floor:
      • Prepare the concrete floor by removing all furniture in the space and ensuring it is dust-free and ready for flooring underlayment.
  • 2. Fill The Cracks In: 
      • If there are large cracks on the surface, have them filled with a concrete filler or sealer. This can be done by putting a nozzle on the concrete filler bottle in the cracks and pushing the filler into the cracks to seal them. Ensure all cracks are filled before pouring the floor levelling compound.
  • 3. Apply The Concrete Primer
      • Once the floor has been cleaned and cracks filled, you can apply primer to the surface using a push broom. Spread it out thoroughly to ensure the entire surface is covered and leave it to dry for three to four hours.
  • 4. Mix The Floor Levelling Compound 
      • To make a solution, mix the floor levelling compound in a bucket until you have the right consistency. Mix only one bag at a time as you only have about 15 minutes to a half-hour where the solution is usable and spreadable. Working with a partner on the application may be easier, as one can mix the self leveling concrete batch as the other pours and spreads it on the surface.
  • 5. Allow Flooring Underlayment To Dry
    • After you’ve applied the self leveling concrete on the floor surface, you need to let it dry based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Most self-levelling concrete compounds dry quite fast, however, they still require a drying time of at least 24 hours. Verify your concrete floor levelling compound type as drying time can differentiate based on temperature and humidity. 

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