Poured underlayments are ideal for all types of wood frame and concrete construction. Typical applications include multi-family, commercial, and renovation projects, and are approved for one and two-hour ULC fire ratings over wood and pre-cast concrete floor/ceiling assemblies. 

Poured underlayments are often used for levelling of floors, particularly in construction projects where precast planks are used in the structure. These typically require complete levelling and surfacing before any finished floor goods such as tile, laminate or hardwood can be installed. They are also used to level uneven cast in place concrete as well as wood floors, and will enhance fire resistance in multi-family buildings while contributing to sound ratings. They enhance the sound attenuation by stiffening the floor eliminating squeaky floors and nail pops, sealing rooms to reduce potential sound leaks, and reducing sound transmission by its mass. In single family dwellings, poured underlayments are often used as the thermal mass for in-floor radiant heat applications.

Poured underlayments can be installed quickly with specialized equipment operated by licensed applicators. They provide a smooth, dense surface ready to receive a variety of floor coverings, and their quick installation and fast drying time can keep fast-track construction on schedule. The fast-setting characteristics mean they can withstand foot traffic within a few hours after installation, and can be returned to light trade traffic the next day.

With a dry density of approximately 115 lbs. per cubic foot, AccuCrete® is ideal for both renovation and new construction projects. AccuCrete® underlayments offer a range of compressive strengths, to fit any project specs up to 4000 PSI. Providing even higher compressive strengths, AccuLevel® products are premium polymer-modified self-levelling underlayments, boasting a unique formulation with enhanced performance characteristics. They deliver a dense, smooth, high compressive strength substrate with compressive strengths up to 6000 psi.

Pour it On is a locally owned and operated company that offers excellent floor underlayment and floor levelling services in the GTA and the majority of Southern Ontario. We use Arcosa Specialty Materials AccuCrete® and AccuLevel® products for the overpour portion of projects.

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