If you live in a condo or have been in a multistorey hotel, you have probably been distrubed by the sounds of your upstairs neighbours stomping around like they are performing their intense step aerobics with wooden clogs. You may be asking yourself, “why can I always hear them when they walk around?” Sound is transferred through a floor/ceiling assembly for a variety of reasons.

When referencing the sound transmission through a floor or ceiling, there are two classes of noise, sound transmission class (STC) and impact isolation class (IIC). STC refers to airborne sounds like voices, laughter, and music. IIC refers to impact noises caused by shocks or vibrations such as moving furniture, someone walking or running, or an object falling to the ground.

The number one complaint in multi-family stacked housing units and hotels is sound transmission. Standards and expectations of owners and tenants are slowly increasing, but you can be proactive now! Adding an Arcosa underlayment on your project can increase STC ratings, as well as fire ratings. Incorporating a sound mat in the design will increase IIC ratings.

In today’s market, sound control is a major factor in the success of your project. Whether in a commercial, multi-family, or single family application, sound control is important to the people occupying the space. Because of this, builders and developers want solutions that offer superior performance without breaking the budget. Arcosa’s extensive line of building products, including AccuCrete® floor underlayments, and AccuQuiet® sound control mats, offer budget-conscious solutions without sacrificing quality.

AccuQuiet® is an ultra low compression sound dampening solution, and is the future in acoustical engineering. Arcosa’s ultra low compression mats contain new technology that isolates vibration on a rigid platform.

AccuQuiet® Sound Control Systems are important components in floor-ceiling assemblies designed to achieve enhanced acoustical performance. AccuQuiet® offers three types of systems to solve a wide variety of acoustical problems by improving IIC and STC ratings of floor-ceiling assemblies. AccuQuiet® Sound Control Systems offer a cost-effective noise reduction solution for new or renovation construction.

It is important to understand that IIC and STC tests are not for individual components of a flooring assembly, but for the whole floor/ceiling structure, from the surface of the floor covering material in the upper unit all the way to the ceiling in the unit below.

Pour it On is a locally owned and operated company that offers excellent floor underlayment, floor levelling services and sound control solutions in the GTA and the majority of Southern Ontario. We use Arcosa Specialty Materials AccuQuiet® sound mats in conjunction with AccuCrete® floor underlayments to obtain sound abatement solutions for multi-family construction, hotels, and commercial projects.

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