The mere thought of toasty feet in the extremely cold months of Canadian winters is enough to make us feel cozy and comfortable. Well, wait no more because a brand new advent called In-floor heating system provides us with an energy-efficient and lavish solution to chilly indoor spaces.

Heated floors are perfect for indoor areas with high ceilings and a substantial amount of space that requires excessive energy to heat up. The extravagant option maintains a warm temperature in the lower half of the room that gets utilized while conserving energy. In-floor heating is an excellent choice for new homes that want to enter the market with the newest technology or pre-built homes that need an upgrade.

By now, you must have an idea about the magnificence of heated flooring. There are a few key things to keep in mind before you get a quote for your home.

Suitable Areas

Acknowledging the value heated floors add to our homes and lives, it is understandable that the option is a little pricier than regular flooring options. Moreover, if you prefer carpet on your floors you must keep in mind that regular radiant heating may be a little less effective under the thickness of fabric flooring. Not to worry, an exclusive heating loop can be easily installed to deliver more heat and keep carpeted areas warm as well.

What radiant heat lacks in the realm of carpets, it makes up for by being extremely beneficial in bathrooms. Radiant heat under ceramic and stone tiles of our bathrooms keep the area warm and offer our feet a cozy drying solution. Bathrooms and radiant heat is a match made in heaven, to say the least!

Spaces such as outdoor decks, mud rooms, and foyers can highly benefit from in floor heating as well. Warmth in these areas will allow you and your guests to continue enjoying these spaces in cold and wet weather conditions.

Installation and Varying Types

There are two main types of radiant heating installations: dry and wet. Dry installation systems are the modern technique that entails layering the mechanism in between two levels of subfloors. Meanwhile, wet installations comprise fitting the system onto concrete.

Speaking of the types of installations bring us to the kinds of in-floor heating systems there are. Hydronic based heating utilizes water to bear and convey heat through connections of tubing. Forced-air moves hot air through passages in the floors and electrical radiant heating entails having a warm hot stovetop element across the room.

Hydronic is the most efficient system, while electricity radiant heating can be a cost-effective option in areas with off-peak hours when electricity is priced significantly less.

Installations by Pour It On

Pour it On is a locally owned and operated company that offers excellent floor underlayment and floor levelling services in the GTA and the majority of Southern Ontario. We use ACG materials and Accu Radiant products to offer over-pours for radiant floor heating in the GTA. Highly prominent with the consumers, Accu Radiant is a cost-effective reliable option that efficiently heats indoor spaces.

To get Accu Radiant sheathes hot water heating tubes or electric heating cables installed in a crack resistance, non-combustible mortar, contact Pour It On Incorporated by simply calling 647.687.6457 or email [email protected].

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