Waking up and stepping on your frigid, solid floors during a chilled winter morning can really disrupt your day. Luckily, there’s an affordable and energy-efficient solution to keep your toes warm and home cozy and comfortable. A subfloor radiant heating system gives homeowners a comfortable floor surface to walk on all winter long.

Curious to learn more about this In-floor heating system? Read on to learn about why this is a great investment for your home.

Types of Radiant Heating Systems

The three types of radiant heating systems are hydronic, electric and hot air. Hydronic and an electric In-floor heating system are the most common and popular choices as hot air radiant heating is far less energy-efficient. Hydronic radiant heating systems operate via hot water tubes that run beneath the surface floors. Electric heating systems use electric wires. Electric radiant heating is relatively inexpensive initially and easy to install, however, this radiant heating system can be expensive to operate. Electric heating is best for smaller areas such as the bathroom to minimize the cost of operation. Hydronic heating systems are more expensive upfront and installation may take longer to have installed but are far more energy-efficient.

Advantages of Radiant Heating Systems

There are several benefits of radiant heating systems, including:

    • Efficiency: If you’ve been frustrated with the high cost of your energy bills, radiant heating is the solution for you! In-floor heating systems are far more efficient by keeping heat where you need it – on your floors!
  • Hypoallergenic: Other flooring and baseboard heating may keep you warm, but often cause dust and dry air to develop. Radiant floor heating is hypoallergenic and does not require consistent maintenance or cleaning, which makes it beneficial to homeowners with allergies.
  • Cost-Effective: Radiant floor heaters can actually save you money on your heating bills by heating your home so well, that you will not have to invest in other systems to assist with heating the home.
  • Even Distribution: Layering up with blankets, hibernating inside and huddling by the heater is over! Radiant heating systems distribute the heat properly and evenly across your home.
  • No Noise: Radiant floor heating systems are near-silent. Unlike the forced-air heating systems, which operate via a loud, obnoxious furnace, radiant In-floor heating systems will not disrupt you whatsoever.
  • No Maintenance: Some radiant floor heating systems do not require any upkeep, such as an electric In-floor heating system. However, hydronic floor-heating systems may require some maintenance, but it certainly does not require the same as other forced-air heating systems.

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