The flooring in your home takes a lot of wear and tear. From dust, spills, stains, traffic and falling objects, it as to stand up to a lot every single day and as a result one of the first areas of your home to wear out is the floor. Take care to invest well for it holds your home together. If the flooring is weak, so is the foundation of your home. Make sure that the material you choose withstands all the elements below or you may want to consider a floor replacement or underlayment.

  • Humidity: Moisture and humidity can rot your flooring if it is old or improperly installed. Humidity can create conditions for dangerous mold and mildew growth that can affect the health of your family. Look out for the source of moisture and eliminate it. Does your flooring resist moisture? If its airborne, dehumidify the space with a dehumidifier. If it’s a leak from water damaged floors, air it out with a fan and get the flooring fixed. Dishwashers and ice makers are known to cause leaks in the kitchen.
  • Wear and Tear: Durability is one of the prime factors for a good foundation. Your flooring needs to be highly durable, especially in your bathroom and kitchen. Is your flooring resistant to abrasion, pressure, foot traffic, scratches, wear and tear?
  • Dull and Lack-Lustre: Flooring often loses its shine with regular use. It can start looking dull and old. The discolouration can be caused by cleaning products, stains, traffic and intense heat or sunlight through south or west-facing windows. Natural wood itself changes colour with age. Sometimes areas exposed to sun fade faster than areas tucked under rugs or furniture. Move rugs to allow the colour to even out over time. Put up blinds or curtains on windows to reduce UV rays.
  • Soiled from Dust and Dirt: Do you use your outdoor shoes inside your home? You may be headed toward a big problem then. Dust, dirt, mud and stains can soil your floors faster than you expected. Choose flooring that can resist stains and dirt. Use flip flops, house slippers or slip-on shoes at home. Use a vacuum to clean the floor, not just a broom. If you have pets who soil and scratch the floors, clip their nails, keep an exterior walk-off mat, area rugs in front of the bathroom and kitchen, and wax the floor or refresh with a fresh coat if required. If you are in a rented home, the owner will pay for the fixes.
  • Noisy: Usually a weak surface, improper nailing or incorrect adhesive can make floors noisy. Strengthen the sub-floor from below, lubricate with wax, graphite or baby powder or just call professionals to find out the source of the noisy flooring and replace or fix it.

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