A lot goes in planning a wooden floor installation before laying down the wooden floor panels. To get robust flooring that is durable and looks good, the support elements play an instrumental role. One of the key unsung heroes of this task is the underlay. The underlay has an important function to perform for wooden installations, whether you opt for solid hardwood, bamboo, laminate or engineered wood flooring. Here are five reasons to have a solid underlay for your wooden floor installation.

Subfloor imperfections

Having an even subfloor is imperative to stabilize your wooden flooring. Though it is extremely crucial to address the flaws and dips that your subfloor may have, way before installing, a good quality underlay ensures that minor flaws and dips are addressed at once. After all, stability is the key factor if you want your wooden flooring to last forever.

Noise reduction

If you have ever lived in a wooden flooring home, you know exactly what we mean. Wood does not insulate noise. Hearing footfalls, things falling down, kids jumping from upstairs is a common phenomenon in a wooden-floored home. As flooring products have evolved over time, this issue has decreased a lot. However, a good quality underlay can also help you to get the noise further down.


If you live in the cold, harsh winters of Canada, underlay is your saviour. Underlay ensures that your flooring stays warm, no matter what style of wood you choose. The propensity of underlay to maintain a warmer temperature helps you feel warmer at your feet. A good underlay helps to keep the cold temperatures away from the floorboard and the resulting cold away from the feet.

Moisture resistance

If you opt for an underlay with an attached vapour barrier, you can experience moisture resistance. Everyone knows what havoc moisture can cause to wood. An underlay helps to build moisture resistance, keeping your floors smoother and in their best finish for longer.

Underlay as a cushioning agent

A good quality underlay can offer a great cushioning effect for your feet. It makes your simple walking comfortable with its cushioning attribute. As wooden floors can be hard at times, especially in the winter, adding a little cushioning with an underlay is a great idea.

With so many promising positives, you may be wondering how to choose the best quality underlying for your wooden floor project. Consult a Pour It On wooden flooring expert on how you can transform your home with excellent quality wooden flooring options.